Diploma in Pāli

Diploma in Pāli Language

Pāli Language that represents the Middle Indo Aryan Language Period (MIA) has a vast literature. On the other hand Pāli is the source language of Theravada tradition which considers as the oldest Buddhist school. Furthermore, Pāli language has a great literature that contains number of subjects such as history, grammar, prosody (chandolankāra), nīti śāstra and medical science etc. Through this course, it is expected to give a Pāli language proficiency to the student including Pāli literature and adequate knowledge in Pāli grammar for day to day conversations. Further, a general knowledge on Pāli language studies consists with grammar, literature and translations etc. is to be given to the student through this course.


DPAL 11 Formation of Pāli Sentences (15 weeks)

i. Subject, Object, Verb

ii. Subject, Object, Verb

iii. Exercises from ‘Pāli Bhāṣāvataranaya 01’

DPAL 12 Pāli Grammar – I (15 weeks)

i. Syllables (Usage of Roman, Burmese letters)

ii. An Introduction to the Pāli Conjunction (Sandhi)

iii. Conjunction of Vowel

iv. Conjunction of Consonants

v. Conjunction of Niggahīta (the Nasal Consonant)

vi. An Introduction to the Pāli Compound (Samāsa)

vii. Pāli Compound

viii. Pāli Compound

ix. Pāli Compound

x. Pāli Compound

DPAL 13 Pāli Literature – I (15 weeks)

i. An Introduction to the Pāli Language

ii. An Introduction to the Pāli Tripiṭaka (Three Baskets)

iii. Vinaya Piṭaka (The Basket of the Discipline)

iv. Sutta Piṭaka (The Basket of the Discourses)

v. Abhidhamma Piṭaka (The Basket of the Higher Doctrine)

vi. Pāli Commentators

vii. Pāli Commentaries

viii. Pāli Sub – commentaries

ix. Post Canonical Pāli Literature

x. Post Canonical Pāli Literature

DPAL 21 Pāli Gammar – II (15 weeks)

i. Nominal affix in Pāli (Taddhita)

ii. Verbal affix in Pāli (Kitaka)

iii. Prefixes in Pāli (Upasarga)

iv. Prepositions in Pāli (Nipāta)

v. Syntax in Pāli (Kāraka)

vi. Exercises

vii. Exercises

viii. Kaccāyana Grammar Tradition – An Introduction

ix. Moggallāyana Grammar Tradition – An Introduction

x. Saddanīti Grammar Tradition – An Introduction

DPAL 22 Pāli Translations – (From Pāli to Sinhala or English) (15 weeks)

Translations from Pāli Bhāṣāvataraṇaya, Rasavāhiniya and Jātakaṭṭhakathā

DPAL 23 Pāli Translations – (From Sinhala or English to Pāli) (15 weeks)

Translations from Pāli Bhāṣāvataraṇaya, Pāli pāṭhamañjarī etc.

DPAL 24 Pāli Writings

Writing an essay in Pāli (under approved topic) no less than 300 words